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Product Tutorials
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Building A Successful Recall System
This step-by-step guide to the systems used by today's most progressive practices includes: telephone scripts, letters that get responses, telephone monitoring techniques to ensure patient retention, tools to monitor your success, and scheduling tips for a productive hygiene department.
Cash Flow Management
Cash Flow Management provides proven techniques to increase your production by scheduling more effectively. You will learn methods to reduce your overhead in the most common "out of control" areas such as dental supplies, laboratory expenses, salaries and other miscellaneous categories.
How Personality Types Affect Practice Success
Problems in dental offices are caused by a breakdown in communications due to different personality styles. Understanding your employees' personality traits can help to better match your staff with the work they are likely to do best.
Realizing The Practice’s True Potential
Sally McKenzie will teach you exactly what’s in your daily routine that has you teetering just five steps from system collapse. More importantly, you’ll walk away with practical strategies you and your team can implement immediately to address those issues.
Achieving Peak Performance
Learn what it takes to perform consistently on a high level. Find out if your performance is having a positive, negative, or no affect on the practice. Sally will show you how to perfect your skills and increase your value to the practice.
How To Reward Your Dental Team
Learn when and how to reward your staff. Understand why saying "thanks" can mean more than dangling a financial carrot. This book is full of checklists and questionnaires to help you determine what rewards are best suited for each of your team members. You will understand when to use non-financial versus financial rewards, when to use group versus individual rewards, plus how important it is to set performance goals so you know when to give a reward. You will learn the difference between rewarding employees for outstanding performance versus paying them a bonus for simply doing their job.
How To Become an Exceptional Front Office Employee
When you combine excellent dental business skills with already being good at your job... you're unstoppable. It’s true. Job knowledge alone won't bring you success. But put your work expertise together with truly effective and success-proven dental business skills and look out... you're headed for the top! This seminar will take you from answering the phones to getting patients to say yes to treatment!
How To Hire The Best Dental Employee
Now there is a complete guide to help dentists in hiring new employees. Chapters include: developing a job description, advertising, reviewing the resumes, initial telephone screening, the interview process, the application form, asking the right questions, testing applicants, and checking references. The manual includes ads that generate responses, a ready-to-use application form, over 100 questions designed specifically for business, hygiene, and clinical assistants positions, as well as competency tests.
Performance Measurements for The Dental Team
Rating employee performance is a dreaded task for most dentists. Now it will be easier using objective performance measurements that are specifically designed for the dental practice. These extensive, ready to use, appraisal forms help you to measure an employee's performance based on everything from Job Descriptions to Productivity to Work Ethic and Cooperation.
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